Met in an Accident….

I thought everything was going great for the most part. It’s crazy how one minute you feel like you have total control and in the space of a second you lose it.

We had a little fender bender the other day, a few scratches to our car and the other vehicle. We were a bit shaken up but everybody is okay. We exchange information and took pictures, you know the usual when you have an accident. Both parties agreed that we weren’t going to solve the matter through our respective insurance companies. Fine, cool.

We got an invoice from the other party to fix the damages; sizable fee, we paid and thought everything was good.

Fast forward to today, I just got an email from my insurance company, they are asking for a detailed report of the alleged accident that occurred almost 3 weeks ago.

Now of course I’m about to blow a fuse, why is John Doe claiming for the accident when we sorted everything out. Called my husband and vented to him.

John Doe says it’s a simple misunderstanding he just mentioned it to the insurance company as a common courtesy he sent them a follow up email to let them know he’s not seeking a claim.

I’m still thinking about how I feel about all of this. I haven’t even touched my books or done any reading as you can imagine.

On a happier note I’ve started reading The Family Upstairs-Lisa Jewel and my interest is already peaked.Currently on Chapter 2. I got this book in my Book of the Month Subscription. Use code BOOKUP to get $9.99 for your first order.Book of the Month

Until next post…


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